As a wedding photographer, I am always working with couples on weddings and shoots. At the very beginning of my career, I really found it hard to know how to pose people and how to get those really raw, natural and candid photographs that everyone loves, especially with couples that may not feel that comfortable in front of the camera.

Over the years, I've discovered some really helpful tips and tricks that will hopefully help you (whether you're a fellow photographer or a couple) when working with others to achieve those lovely natural shots! These have certainly helped me, and I continue to use them in every shoot I have, so if you're having me as your wedding photographer, then you can expect me to use some of these! Every couple is different, so I've included a few different ones so there's something for everyone.

Have fun!

The Big Squeeze!

One of my personal faves - get your partner to squeeze you as hard as you can! Never fails to get my couples laughing, and the photos look super natural and intimate.

I like to switch which partner is squeezing the other half way through this posing prompt so everyone can have the joy of giving the other a huge hug!

The Piggy Back!

Always a winner! You're never too old to piggy-back with your partner so any excuse, right?! I've always found that this makes the photoshoots a bit more silly and not as formal, so the couples tend to feel a bit more relaxed.

Extra: I like to ask my couples to spin around whilst in a piggy-back pose to get some silly, natural shots.

The Head-to-Head!

I love to use this with my wedding couples. This is a very intimate posing prompt, which I have found isn't for everyone. Some couples just find that it isn't them, and isn't something that they would usually do with their partner, so I will use another of my prompts instead. I get my couples to put their foreheads together, close their eyes, and on the count of three - open! Sometimes it's quite funny seeing your partner from that angle, and can feel like you're about to enter a WWE tournament!

This Is Our Jam!

For some really lovely and intimate photographs, I love the idea of playing my couples' favourite song or potential first dance song! This gets their hips moving and creates a much more relaxed and fun atmosphere! Go nuts!

This works well during the wedding photographs or on an engagement shoot. I always suggest either a Disney song or Mr Brightside!