You've got this far.. now it's time to really dig deep and know all of my deepest, darkest secrets..

Five things you should know about me:

I'm pretty sure I'm the biggest Disney fan in the entire world. Top three Disney films are Brother Bear, Enchanted and Coco! I actually loved Disney so much as a little girl that I cut my hair with some scissors, ran into the kitchen to show my parents and said 'Look - I'm Mulan!' - safe to say that they weren't best pleased but we love the dedication.

People are my passion. I have always loved working with people and being able to give so many wonderful couples the priceless gift of memories to treasure forever is what makes my job so magical.

I love to sing and dance! I have been doing it since I was a little girl, and at every wedding you will see me partying on the dance-floor! (If you need any banger recommendations, hit me up!)

Alongside Disney, I am a huge fan of Friends! I watch it on repeat whilst I edit, and I know most, if not all, of the lines. WE WERE ON A BREAAAAAK!

Number 5 has to be saved for coffee! I love meeting up with my couples for a coffee catch up (and usually a slice of cake) - plus, coffee got me through many all-nighters at Uni. I actually have a degree in Photography & Digital Arts, which helped me so much to excel my camera knowledge and refine my photography style.

My interest in Photography started from a young age. I have always been interested in capturing moments in time, and I'm sorry to say this, Marie Kondo, but I am a massive hoarder. That fridge magnet from Legoland on the log flume from when I was 11? A cinema ticket from when I went to see The Greatest Showman (the sing-along version of course)? Everything brings me joy!

The first camera I ever rocked was a pink Fujifilm Finepix (phwoar). I used to love taking photos with my friends and family on every occasion. I then took on Photography at A Level and my Dad bought me a Nikon D60. To tell you the truth, I struggled so hard with having to write about my images - I just wanted to photograph! I LOVE to create and my creativity drove me through my studies to be able to sit here today with a Photography Degree under my belt.

My Dad used to be a wedding photographer, back in the film days! Without even realising it, I continued my Dad's passion of photography into creating my own business and even to this day, he still gives me photography advice and gets as excited as I do when a new camera or lens arrives.

I started off doing family shoots alongside my retail job, and then I got my first wedding photography enquiry! It was so exciting, and I began to find that I was having to turn down weddings as I was working at my retail job. I bit the bullet and quit - BEST decision I ever made.

And now I'm here - living the absolute dream. I have never been in a job that makes me so happy. I meet so many incredible people, families and couples every day and have had so many wonderful opportunities and experiences along the way. I am always continuing to learn and educate myself on new trends, being inclusive and excel my business and photography knowledge.

It is still so surreal that this is my job?! I get to be a part of the best day of people's lives, and I am able to capture it all for them. Plus, I usually get a slice of wedding cake too, and that truly makes it the best job in the world.

What Can We Expect From You on the Day?

You can expect me to boogie on down and I expect you to party with me! I love to be involved in your day as much as possible, and I will always be there if you need a hand. Whether thats supplying some emergency deodorant, helping you get into your dress, or helping secure buttonholes, I will do whatever I can to help your day run smoothly.

I take pride in the relationships that I am able to build with my couples. I love to be able to meet with you a few times before the big day so by the day of your wedding, we are already the best of friends. This ensures a calm and relaxing atmosphere, makes the photography so much more comfortable and enjoyable for you, and allows us to capture the real you.

What's Your Superpower?

Every wedding that I go to, I learn something that I will take on with me to the next - I have got handfuls of valuable tips to give to my couples before and on the day that will help their wedding run smoother and so that they can spend as much time in the moment enjoying the day as possible.

In my camera bag, I have a trusty little emergency pouch which contains mints, safety pins, hair grips, hand cream, scissors - you name it and it will probably be in there! it is one of my most valued pieces of kit and I never forget to bring it with me to a wedding. It has certainly earnt its pride of place in my bag and will continue to fill with handy tools for years to come.

I strive to be more than just a photographer to you on the day - I want to be more like a friend or a guest. To get all of those wonderful and natural photographs that we all love, it is so incredibly important to break down that barrier of 'client' / 'photographer' and so on the day, it feels just like you've got a friend taking some lovely snaps of you. our friendship doesn't just end once the wedding has come and gone, i'm always up for meeting for coffee, a good ol' chinwag or a photo session! (Once you book in with me, be prepared to be friends for LIFE!)

Ask me anything!

Frequently asked questions

Do you work with a second photographer?

I don’t typically work with a second photographer because working solo allows me to be more discreet and shoot the documentary images that really bring the feeling of your wedding alive. I tend to blend into your day as almost a guest with a camera, quietly working and building rapport with your guests enabling me to capture the true atmosphere of your big day without making it feel like a photo-shoot. The images you see on my website and my style of working is what will be delivered on your day. However, if you are planning a large wedding or feel your ceremony coverage would benefit from two photographers please contact me to discuss our options and I can advise you on whether it would enhance your coverage.

My wedding is not in Devon, can you still cover it?

Yes! Absolutely, although I am a Devon-based wedding photographer I also travel across the UK and am also available for destination weddings abroad. For details please see my destination package prices on the 'Weddings' page.

Are you insured?

Yes indeed! I am fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

Do we need an engagement shoot?

Engagement shoots are not compulsory, which is why they are an optional add-on to the wedding packages. They are absolutely amazing at getting to work with me in front of the camera and find what makes you and your partner tick. Long story short, they are just a practice session before your big day and help make my couples feel much more comfortable and natural when being in front of the camera.

What happens if you are unwell on the day?

My wedding kit contains Lemsip, tissues and plasters in case of emergencies! But should I, for example, break my leg and be unable to physically cover your wedding I have access to a network of wedding photographers that provide coverage in a similar style and are able to offer stand in support in the unlikely event that an emergency were to occur.

Can my guests take pictures too?

Certainly! The most important thing I like to stress about my wedding coverage is that this is your day, I am there to document it, all of it; the guests taking photographs, sneaky selfies, you name it! I’m there to record your day as it happens and don’t have any ‘rules’ for what guests can and can’t do.

It is completely up to you to decide if you would like your guests to take pictures during the ceremony or reception, but I would advise to have an 'unplugged' ceremony so that your family and friends can truly be there with you, and it also allows me to capture every magical moment in the ceremony without having any phones, cameras or tablets in the photos.

Can I see a full set of wedding photographs?

Yes! Always ask to view some full wedding albums. Our ‘hero’ images are often what we feel are most representative of the best of our work and it is always a great idea to have a look through at least one full album to ensure that level of consistency and attention of detail to documenting all those details of your wedding story is applied throughout the day. Although there are too many photographs within each set to include full sets on my website please do not hesitate to get in contact with me to request to view a full album. In the meantime, my blog page is where I post weddings in far more detail giving you a really good idea of how and what I will capture during your wedding day, from the tiniest details to those big emotional moments that seem to pass in a shot.

Can I get all the RAW files / unedited jpegs from my wedding?

Personally, I don't send out the RAW or unedited files to my couples after the wedding day. The RAW files can look so different to the finished image, and us as photographers spend so much time refining and perfecting each image to create a stunning gallery for you to cherish and look back on. I do keep my RAW files from each wedding, so if in the future you did come back and were wondering if there was a specific photo of or more photos of something, I can always have a look back through the files, but no RAW files will be shared.

Do we need to provide you with food?

If possible yes! I would absolutely love some food on your wedding day - it can be a long day for photographers and a hot meal will keep us going until the end of the night.


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