Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a couple of minutes to browse through this small section.  Learning how your photographer works can be a big deciding factor on choosing the right photographer for you.  I’ve addressed some frequently asked questions, though please feel free to ask me anything else.

Do you work with a second photographer?

I don’t typically work with a second photographer because working solo allows me to be more discreet and shoot the documentary images that really bring the feeling of your wedding alive. I tend to blend into your day as almost a guest with a camera, quietly working and building rapport with your guests enabling me to capture the true atmosphere of your big day without making it feel like a photo-shoot. The images you see on my website and my style of working is what will be delivered on your day. However, if you are planning a large wedding or feel your ceremony coverage would benefit from two photographers please contact me to discuss our options and I can advise you on whether it would enhance your coverage. 

My wedding is not in Devon, can you still cover it? 

Yes! Absolutely, although I am a Devon-based wedding photographer I also travel across the UK and am also available for destination weddings abroad. For details please see my destination package prices here.

Are you insured?

Yes indeed! I am fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity. 

What happens if you are unwell on the day? 

My wedding kit contains Lemsip, tissues and plasters in case of emergencies! But should I, for example, break my leg and be unable to physically cover your wedding I have access to a network of wedding photographers that provide coverage in a similar style and are able to offer stand in support in the unlikely event that an emergency were to occur. 

Can my guests take pictures too?

Certainly! The most important thing I like to stress about my wedding coverage is that this is your day, I am there to document it, all of it; the guests taking photographs, sneaky selfies, you name it! I’m there to record your day as it happens and don’t have any ‘rules’ for what guests can and can’t do.

Can I see a full set of wedding photographs? 

Yes! Always ask to view some full wedding albums. Our ‘hero’ images are often what we feel are most representative of the best of our work and it is always a great idea to have a look through at least one full album to ensure that level of consistency and attention of detail to documenting all those details of your wedding story is applied throughout the day. Although there are too many photographs within each set to include full sets on my website please do not hesitate to get in contact with me to request to view a full album. In the meantime, my blog page is where I post weddings in far more detail giving you a really good idea of how and what I will capture during your wedding day, from the tiniest details to those big emotional moments that seem to pass in a shot. 

How do we book you? 

You can book me by contacting me here where I can also answer any further questions you may have. I am currently booking weddings up to two years in advance and you can find my current packages and prices here. I am always keen to meet with you in personal or via video calling so that we can have a chat about your big day and I can explain to you how I work. 

We love your documentary style photography but can we still have group shots? 

Yes of course you can, I completely understand that grandparents and aunties often want the traditional family group shots, or you may indeed like a great big group shot as a record of everyone gathered for your big day. My approach with these is to simply ask that you try and keep the group list down to approximately 6 or so combinations, and to allow five minutes per small group shot and up to 15 minutes for the full wedding party shot when planning your day. My aim is to make the group shots as easy, informal and as swift as possible so that you and your guests can get back to the main reason you are all there – celebrating your big day with your loved ones, and allows me to carry on documenting it in the style which attracted you to my work.  

How would you describe your shooting style? 

Relaxed, informal, creative documentary photography. My aim is observe and record every little thought, moment, emotion and detail that might fly past you as you are busy celebrating your day. I always approach my weddings in what I hope is a thoughtful, friendly and respectful manner. My interactions with you as a couple, and with your wedding party is a big part of what makes me love what I do though I do take it as a huge compliment when my clients say to me afterwards “you managed to get so much yet we didn’t even notice you were there”.